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Greek salad
Caesar salad
Tossed salad
Grilled chicken salad
Chicken salad
Shrimp salad
Marinated mushroom salad
Pasta salad
Macaroni salad: cheddar cheese & sour cream based
Spinach salad: tossed with walnuts & bleu cheese & dressed with raspberry vinaigrette dressing
Cucumber & tomato salad
Fruit salad
Cold shocked asparagus with sun dried tomatoes seasoned in a light Italian style dressing


Our dessert offerings change constantly:  pies, layer cakes, cheese cakes, cream puffs, etc.  Please discuss your needs with our staff.

NOTE:  we also are able to provide special occasion cakes

Greek Specialties

Mousaka:  Eggplant casserole: layers of eggplant, potatoes and meat sauce, topped with a cream sauce
Pastichio:  Macaroni casserole: layers of macaroni and meat sauce, topped with a cream sauce
Chicken or Pork Souvlakia:  Marinated chicken breast strips or pork tenderloin cubes and grilled to perfection served on a bed or rice pilaf
Dolmathes: stuffed grape leaves: stuffed with rice & served with cucumber and yogurt sauce
Gyros: Beef/Lamb: served with tomatoes, onions and cucumber & yogurt sauce on pita bread  [also available in chicken]
Roast leg of Lamb: seasoned to perfection and slow roasted
[usually served with rice pilaf or orzo]Sousoukakia: Grecian style meat balls: cooked in a tomato based sauce with a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon [usually served with a rice pilaf or orzo]


String beans almandine
California blend: steamed broccoli, cauliflower, carrots
Steamed asparagus
Sauteed mushrooms
Glazed carrots, Waxed beans
Broccoli:  steamed with a butter sauce, or Hollandaise sauce, or cheese sauce

Main Course Items
Poultry cont.

Chicken breast in a sun dried tomato and pesto sauce
Chicken parmesan
Chicken breast in alfredo sauce
Smoked turkey breast
Roast turkey:  whole or breast


Roast pork tenderloin
Stuffed roast pork with dressing
Bar-BQ pork
Bar-BQ ribs
Pulled pork
Baked ham
Stuffed port chops


Prime rib
Beef tenderloin
Roast beef
Stuffed tenderloin: Florentine


Wild rice
Spanish rice
Rice pilaf
Seasoned rice with onions & peppers


Crab dip
Shrimp cocktail
Grouper in puff pastry:  whole or fillet
Scallops wrapped in bacon
Salmon: encrusted/whole or fillet
[can be grilled or baked, topped with dill sauce]


Eggplant parmesan
Baked ziti in marinara sauce
Penne pasta:  marinara or Alfredo sauce
Ravioli Florentine:  topped with sun dried tomato & pesto sauce
Meat lasagna
Vegetable lasagna
Penne Pasta or Ziti: in Alfredo sauce with steamed vegetables [optional with Shrimp]Orzo:  pasta that resembles rice, cooked in a beef-based, tomato sauce


Oven brown potatoes
Garlic herb mashed potatoes
Cheddar cheese mashed potatoes
Potatoes Au gratin
Oven roasted potatoes with onions & peppers


Main Course Items

Chicken breast stuffed with apple/raisin dressing
Chicken Florentine:  stuffed with spinach, hot Italian sausage, mozzarella cheese and topped with a Hollandaise sauce [Option:  vegetarian]Chicken breast stuffed with wild rice
Chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms and cheddar dressing
Chicken Cordon Bleu:  stuffed with Swiss cheese and ham, breaded lightly in bread crumb seasoning and sprinkled with a light sauce
Bar-B-Q chicken
Fried chicken
Marinated grilled chicken breast strips
Fried chicken tenders
Buffalo wings:  from mild to HOT
Caribbean chicken: seasoned chicken and baked, topped with fruit and fresh coconut
Jamaican jerked chicken
Chicken Kebobs:  skewered with onions and peppers
Chicken salad

This list contains suggestions only. The chef is always available to assist you in creating your own personal menu.



Fruit tray or display
Cheese and crackers:  blocks & cubes
Vegetable tray or display
Stuffed mushrooms Florentine
Stuffed mushrooms with crabmeat
Stuffed mushrooms with bacon & cheddar cheese
Scallops wrapped in bacon
Toasted Pita Bread Points
Assorted wraps:  chicken, turkey, beef, vegetarian
Mini kebobs:  chicken, port, shrimp, vegetarian  [available in assorted sauces]
Anti-pasta trays
Triple-decker [mini club] sandwich trays


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